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QwikChutes works with customers in the building industry throughout Queensland, providing robust rubbish chutes to help clear away debris quickly and safely.

We have developed our products and services using our experience and indepth knowledge of rubbish disposal techniques. Over the last ten years we have been continuously trying, testing, adapting and improving our rubbish chutes. As a result, we use a material that has been purpose made to our own specification.

Installed by our team of experienced, qualified tradesmen, QwikChutes can withstand rigorous use and all the rubbish the building industry can throw at it - and down it! - from virtually any height.

Key clients

If you work in the building industry in Queensland, QwikChutes can help you clear away rubbish safely as it is created, keeping work areas clear and reducing the risk of accidents on your sites.
One of our garbage chutes in the Gold Coast area
  • Robust rubbish chutes
  • Team of qualified tradesmen


We offer a variety of applications including using buildings as well as using scaffolding, meaning that we can suit most jobs and sites, but we offer a site inspection first to ensure suitability.  Unlike other chutes, QwikChutes can service multi-storey buildings with one drop and can span walkways and gardens without immediate support.

Our policy is to obtain the highest safety standards, where little or none exist, for our products in the field.

So to find out how we can help you keep your building sites clear of rubbish cost effectively, call Steve at QwikChutes for information and a no obligation quote on 0408 248 837 (0408 CHUTES).

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