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Waste Removal Chutes on the Gold Coast

QwikChutes in Queensland offers you high quality rubbish disposal chutes so that you can quickly and safely remove rubbish, ensuring your building site or work area is clear and helping you to reduce the risk of accidents.

So for a free, no obligation quote, or for more information on our products and services, call Steve at QwikChutes
on 0408 248 837 (0408 CHUTES).

A waste removal chute on the Gold Coast
  • Perfect For Job Sites
  • Quick And Easy
  • Quick Setup
Rubbish disposal chutes Queensland

We also offer a variety of applications to suit a range of jobs:

  • Window/Parapet application - rubbish chute window applications are ideal for units without balconies or with limited access to balconies
  • Scaffold application - the quickest and most cost effective method, that can also allow easy access from any floor
  • Balcony application - ideal for units that have a concrete slab above.
  • Temporary rubbish chutes from many different structures and slopes.

To ensure you get the right garbage chute for your job, we offer site visits before our experienced and qualified tradesmen carry out the installation.  We will do what we can to help solve your rubbish removal problem.

  • QwikChutes can service multi-storey buildings with one drop
  • QwikChutes can span walkways and gardens without intermediate support
  • QwikChutes sections and hoppers are made from a specialised robust and durable polyethylene, reducing noise and making the chutes resistant to splintering
  • QwikChutes sections are the widest of their type (1350mm x 600mm) and are joined by a 6mm galvanised chain down each side, offering maximum protection
  • Products are made to measure
One of our rubbish chute window applications in Brisbane
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