QwikChutes has been developed as a result of our long and varied experiences coupled with a sure knowledge of Rubbish Disposal techniques and a material PURPOSE MADE TO OUR SPECIFICATION!

QwikChutes withstands rigorous use and all the rubbish the building industry can throw at it – and DOWN it – from virtually any height !

QwikChutes has been thoroughly tried, tested, adapted and proved for over ten years of operation and is installed by experienced qualified tradesmen.

QwikChutes can, unlike other chutes, service two to multi storey building with one drop and can span walkways and gardens without intermediate support.

QwikChutes sections and hoppers are made from a specialised high density polyethylene to reduce noise and is strong, robust, durable and resistant to splintering when in use.

QwikChutes sections are 1350mm in length and 600mm diameter – the widest chute of this type. They are made to fit very closely together and are joined by 6mm galvanised chain down each side, offering maximum protection.

QwikChutes is a very cost effective method of removing rubbish safely as it is created, keeping work areas clear, reducing the risk of accidents.

QwikChutes policy is to obtain the highest safety standards, where little or none exist, for this type of product in the field.

The number one rubbish chute


We have installed temporary rubbish chutes from many different structures and slopes. We are willing to do our best to help solve your rubbish removal problem.

Please contact us and we can discuss or arrange a site inspection to ensure suitability for a temporary rubbish chute.